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Hello everybody !!

This morning I want to show you this printable about the Braille System that I have used with my 15-year-old students from my CLIL History class (English level, intermediate CEFR B1). It consists of a warming up activity to motivate them to learn about the topic and to check their prior knowledge on the topic, a reading text, some reading comprehension questions, a couple of vocabulary activities, a collaborative exercise and some final discussion points to deal with in a heads-together activity. You will also find the answer key and a printer-friendly versiĆ³n of the text.

I have done this activity when we were dealing with the different systems of communications that we humans have been using from prehistory to present-day society.

Braille is a form of communication that allows blind people to read, write, do math and even compose music and which was developed in the 1820s by Louis Braille. It's not a langua, but a system that can be used by blind people to read or write most of the world's languages.


Hope you find it useful... Let me know your feedback and remember,... always have fun !!








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