Conversation - Alphabet



STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

1) Are   there twenty six letters in the alphabet of your language?
2) Does   your language have an alphabet?
3) What   are the differences between the English alphabet and your language’s writing   system?
4) What   is the most frequently used letter of the alphabet?
5) Which   letters of the alphabet do you not like or have problems with?
6) Do   you think English spelling is confusing?
7) Are   the letters of the alphabet pronounced the same in British, American,   Australian, Nigerian … English?
8) Did   you have any problems learning the letters of the alphabet?
9) What   is the difference between consonants and vowels?
10) What   is the International Phonetic Alphabet?


STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)

1) Do   you like the English alphabet?
2) How   did you learn the alphabet?
3) What   do you think of other alphabets (Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit,   etc)?
4) Who   invented the English alphabet?
5) Why   do you think each letter has so many different pronunciations and uses?
6) How   do you think the alphabet could me made easier to use and understand?
7) Would   you like to learn a character-based system like Chinese?
8) When   is the best age to introduce children to the alphabet?
9) What   is alphabet soup?
10) What   does “the ABCs of” mean?