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  1. When was the last time you slammed on the brakes?
  2. What should a driver do if he/she begins to lose control of the car?
  3. What would you do if another car was tailgating you?
  4. What kind of laws or programs could help reduce drunk driving?
  5. In your opinion, why does road rage exist?
  6. When was the last time you drove in bad weather conditions? Describe your experience.
  7. Do you know anyone who has been injured or killed in a car accident? 
  8. What are the biggest distractions for you while you’re driving?
  9. Have you ever been in a car accident, or crashed your car? Describe the accident, its causes, and its results.

 List of vocabulary and collocations on car

car accident, car crash, head-on collision, fender-bender, pile-up, hit and run, slam on the brakes, run over, sideswiped, rear-ended, lost control, plowed into, skid, roll over, speeding, tailgating, drunk driving, breathalyzer test, weather conditions, slick, slippery, poor visibility, reckless driving, road rage, distractions, damaged, injured, killed, fatality, whiplash, thrown from the vehicle, towed, tow truck, totaled, shaken but unhurt


fast | new | second-hand, used

a used car salesman

| veteran, vintage | private

The government wants more people to use public transport instead of private cars.

| diesel, electric, motor, petrol | estate, hatchback, saloon, sports | armoured, Panda, patrol, police, squad, unmarked

Police in an unmarked car had been following the stolen vehicle for several minutes.

| racing, rally, stock | company, hire | getaway

The robbers abandoned their getaway car in Sealand Road.

| parked

There was a line of parked cars in front of the building.


go/travel by | drive | have, own, run

It's very expensive to run a car these days.

| take

It's too far to walk. I'll take the car.

| get in/into, pile into

He got in the car and they drove off. The kids all piled into the car.

| get out of | get out

You lock up the house and I'll get the car out.

| stop | back, reverse | overtake, pass | lose control of

I lost control of the car and it spun off the road.

| leave, park | abandon, dump | build, make, manufacture, produce | repair, service, work on | take in

I've got to take the car in for service.

| wash | hire | break into, steal



Despite the cold, the car started first time.

| run on sth

cars that run on diesel

| do sth

The car does 55 miles per gallon. The car was doing over 100 miles an hour.

| pull out, turn out

What cheek! That car pulled out right in front of me!

| drive off, pull away | overtake sb/sth, pass sb/sth | accelerate | slow down | come to a halt, draw up, pull up, stop | skid, spin

Her car skidded on a patch of ice.

| break down, stall | collide with sth, crash, hit sth, leave the road

His car hit a van coming in the opposite direction.


boot, door, engine, horn, key, phone, tyre, window

a car boot sale (= an outdoor sale where people sell things from the backs of their cars)

| park, parking

There's not enough car parking in the town centre.

| driver | dealer, salesman, showroom | accident, crash | wash | tax | ferry


by ~

They take the children to school by car.

| in a/the ~

I'll wait for you in the car.


cars on the roads

The number of cars on the roads is increasing all the time.

| a make/model of car

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