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 Introduction to art and colours

the wheel of colours Introduction to Colours and Art 

lacemaker Colour, Vision and Art

meaning of colours Meaning of colours


azurite blue spoon  Mummy Brown and other historical colours

basic elements of art Basic elements of art 

how to look at art How to look at art 


what art is Expressions of Art

 original 1483638655372 Colors in English


a timeline of art materials Timeline of Art materials


water in art Water in Art


Cave art

background cave art Cave Art or the Art of Simplicity




Egyptian painting

Egyptian Painting 1 Egyptian painting




renaissance artist or coffee1 Renaissance painter of coffee?


Famous painters


girl with a pearl earring Vermeer's The Girl With a Pearl Earring

mystery The Case of Grandpa's painting - A detective investigation

head of a woman with hat Picasso's head 

picasso 1 Pablo Picasso Worksheet


 gauguin Paul Gauguin and Diego Velázquez


some painters Poster: Some painters

bingo on famous artists Bingo on famous painters


quizzLizard Point Art Quizzes