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My name is Sophia and I'm an English teacher currently living in Barcelona. I started teaching English and Spanish as a Foreign Language twenty-five years ago, just when I graduated from university, and at present I also work as an online teacher.


My online English lessons have helped learners from all over the world to become better language users. In the last fifteen years I have also devoted to teach CLIL through Social Studies, which I also love it, since I am very fond of History and Art (I love oil paint in my free time!)

My classes are prepared carefully for each individual learner and I am an enthusiastic teacher who believes in making every lesson dynamic, interesting and fun.

I have a clear communicative teaching methodology designed for the online environment and working with individual learners, which I believe to be the most effective method for developing confidence to speak English.

How I Am Qualified to teach you?

  1. Bachelor of English Language and Literature Degree with Great Distinction
  2. Master Degree in Literature and Culture from English-Speaking countries
  3. Multiple courses on ESL teaching
  4. 3-year experience teaching language skills to children
  5. 1-year experience teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in the USA
  6. 15-year experience as a high school English CLIL Teacher
  7. 23-year experience as a high school English Teacher
  8. Experience preparing students for FCE, Advanced and Proficiency exams
  9. Experience with learning other languages (fluent in French)
  10. A professional, patient and supportive teacher