One of the unique pleasures to be experienced in Japan is to visit an onsen (hot spring) to relax and rejuvenate the body. There are more than 3,000 hot springs available in Japan. All these onsens were used as public bathing places in Japan. But today Onsens play a central role in the tourism development of Japan.

It is more than simply a hot bath. Onsen typically use volcanic, mineral-rich water in their baths. The combination of temperature and minerals encourage relaxation. Some onsens offer great scenery, a wide variety of baths, outdoor baths, or ice cold baths.

Bathing in Onsen has certain regulations. Anyone who wants to enter in Onsen must wash his or her body and rinse thoroughly before entering into the Onsen bath. One cannot enter into Onsen with soap residues or dirty body.



volcano pool spring monkey to worry

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

1-How many volcanoes are there in Japan?

2-Which is the biggest of all?

3- What is a hot spring?

4- What do snow monkeys enjoy doing in wintertime?


INTERESTING FACTS  Interesting Facts about Japanese hot springs!!

     * There are thousands of hot springs (‘onsen’ in Japanese) scattered throughout Japan many of which have existed for centuries.

      * Onsens are of many types. Outdoor Onsens (rotenburo or notenburo) and indoor Onsens are the major ones. They are also coming in many types and many shapes as well. These Onsens are run by private and public.

      * The water should be 25 degree centigrade warmer.

      * The highest hot spring in Japan is found in Mikuriga-ike Onsen in Toyama Prefecturewith an elevation of 2,400 meters (7,874 feet).

VOCABULARY FOCUS  FOCUS – Grammar Plural formation

Here are some general rules for spelling plural nouns.


Nouns Plural Examples
Most nouns add s book, books; cup, cups; sprout, sprouts
Most nouns that end in ch, sh, s, x, or z add es box, boxes; bus, buses; prize, prizes
Most nouns that end in a vowel and y add s boy, boys; day, days; key, keys
Most nouns that end in a consonant and y y becomes ies baby, babies; country, countries; spy, spies
Most nouns that end in f or fe f or fe becomes ves elf, elves; loaf, loaves; thief, thieves
Most nouns that end in o add s kangaroo, kangaroos; piano, pianos; video, videos
Certain nouns that end in a consonant and o add es hero, heroes; potato, potatoes; volcano, volcanoes


Example: There are about 200 volcanoes in the country

Can you name write three sentences about the Japanese hot springs using as many plural nouns as possible?


2 ___________________________________________________________________

3 ___________________________________________________________________


HIGH ORDER THINKING    High-order thinking activity on hot springs in Japan

There are about two hundred volcanoes in Japan and the biggest of them is Mount Fuji by Tokyo. Design a resort area with hot springs by Mount Fuji and describe the different types of pools and other elements that can be found.