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"Sophia" is a Greek word which means "wisdom, clear thinking, knowledge and good judgement", and that is precisely what defines EnglishWithSophia.

  • Learn finally to communicate in English in a confident way, achieving your examination goals
  • Introduce yourself and deepen into such diverse topics as Geography, Art, Social Sciences and History. EnglishWithSophia is dedicated to foster the learning of English through the content of Social Sciences

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Content and Language Integrated Learning are aimed to a wide range of people interested in languages and humanities within the conform of their own home

1. Home schoolers who want to improve both their command of English language and knowledge on geography, art or history.

2. Middle and High School students who want to progress in their use of English.

3. ESL (English as a Second Language) students who are bored of seeing that their ability at speaking, reading, writing or listening does not improve as it should

In this website you will find plenty of resources and information about ESL and CLIL 


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Geography, Art and History Games


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Geography, Art and History Printable Resources


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First Introduction English Lesson

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First Certificate / B2 Preparation

Business English

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10 English Lessons 210 euros

21 euros/lesson

60 minute lessons

General English

First Certificate / B2 Preparation

Business English

To help you to reach the next level and start speaking





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